Grant Guidelines

All Jurassic Foundation grant applications must carefully follow these guidelines. The application consists of three main sections, with the second section (Proposal Body) divided into four subsections. Each section is described below. Before proceeding with an application, please be sure to review the overview of our granting program as well.


Image courtesy of Oliver Rauhut

Image courtesy of Oliver Rauhut

If the applicant is applying to conduct museum research, letters of invitation from the museums in question must be included as Supporting Documents. Applications requesting funds for field work in areas where permits are necessary must submit copies of such permits before funding can be issued. Similarly, if the applicant plans to conduct experimental work on animals where animal care certification is required (e.g., IACUC approval), proof of this certification must be submitted prior to issuance of funds.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit applications using our online Grant Application.

Alternatively, applicants may submit applications by email or regular (postal) mail. To do so, applicants must download the Application PDF and complete the Cover Page and Budget Page forms included therein. Completed email or mail applications must be emailed or postmarked by the relevant deadline date (September 15 or February 15) to current Jurassic Foundation President Lindsay Zanno.

Mailing Address:
Lindsay Zanno
Head of Paleontology
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
11 W Jones St.
Raleigh, NC 27601

Applications must be compiled according to the following guidelines, and in the order given:

1. Application Cover Page

A brief abstract of the proposal is required on the Cover Page. For email and mail applicants, your abstract must be limited to the space provided in the Cover Page PDF. Also, please ensure that you sign in the signature box at the bottom of the Cover Page PDF. If submitting via the online Grant Application form, please upload a digital signature.

2. Proposal Body

The Proposal Body consists of four subsections: the Description of Proposed Research, the Bibliography, any Supporting Documents, and the Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae. Unlike the Cover Page and Budget Page, these subsections do not require specific forms; they must, however, conform to the guidelines below. Applicants submitting via the online Grant Application form must upload files containing each of these subsections. Applicants submitting by email or mail must include each of these subsections in their electronic or print applications.

2.1. Description of Proposed Research

This description must not exceed five total pages in 12 point or larger font, and may be single-spaced. It should include an introduction, review of prior relevant work, a detailed statement of the research problem to be undertaken, significance of the research, timetable of research, and if necessary, discussion of materials and methods.

2.2. Bibliography

The bibliography must not exceed five pages in 12 point or larger font, and may use any citation style.

2.3. Supporting Documents

This may include figures and captions, appendices, permits, letters of invitation, IACUC approvals, and any other necessary supporting documents. This section must not exceed ten pages.

2.4. Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The applicant’s current CV must be appended to the application.

3. Budget Page

Applicants may request funding for field expenses, travel, materials, supplies, and support services. Purchase of permanent equipment, software, and publication costs will be considered, but needs justification by the applicant. Institutional overheads, salaries, benefits, and professional meeting or conference expenses for applicants are not allowed. All requests must be made in U.S. dollars and may not exceed U.S. $3,000.

The Budget Page is divided into eight categories (explained below). For each category in which you request funds, please list the specific items in the space provided next to the category name. For example, if $1,000 is requested in the Transportation category for round trip airfare between London and New York, please write “round-trip airfare London–New York” in the space provided. Expenses in each category may be further discussed in the Budget Justification section at the bottom of the form if additional space and/or explanation is needed.

Transportation includes such items as airfare, car rental, and gasoline. Equipment may include purchase or rental of items such as jackhammers, shovels, air compressors, computers, and calipers, and must be explained in the Budget Justification section. Materials and Supplies refer to expendable items such as plaster, burlap, paper, and glues. Wages are allowed in some instances for personnel such as field or research assistants. Salary for applicants is not allowed. Services include such items as illustration of specimens, translation of papers, and computer or imaging (e.g., CT scan) time. Any additional items may be listed under “Other Expenses” and explained in the Budget Justification section.

All Equipment and Other Expenses must be explained in the Budget Justification section at the bottom of the sheet. If submitting by email or mail, and the space provided on the Budget Page PDF is not sufficient, one additional page may be appended to this section to cover these items.