Past Grantees

Spring 2016

Massimo Bernardi

“Spatial (Palaeo)ecology of the Lavini di Marco Fossil Seashore: Field Work, Documentation, Conservation and Valorization of the Largest Early Jurassic Dinosaur Tracksite”

MUSE – Museo delle Scienze, Trento, Italy

Matteo Fabbri

Spinosaurus as a Driver for a Major Understanding of Locomotion in Archosauria and for the Development of a Public Museum in North Africa”

Yale University, New Haven, CT, U.S.A.

Léa Leuzinger

“Geochemical Study of Cretaceous Titanosaur Eggs from La Rioja Province, Argentina: Preservation State, Palaeoenvironments and Palaeoecology”

Centro Regional de Investigaciones y Transferencia Científica de La Rioja (CRILAR), La Rioja, Argentina

Holger Petermann

“Using Metal Stable Isotopes to Trace Dinosaur Feeding Ecology Throughout the Mesozoic”

Yale University, New Haven, CT, U.S.A.

Wenjie Zheng

“Description and Phylogenetic Analysis of a New Ankylosaurid Dinosaur from the Cretaceous of Zhejiang Province, China”

Zhejiang Museum of Natural History, Hangzhou, China

Fall 2016

Donald Cerio

“The Visual Apparatus of Dinosaurs: Anatomical Correlates of Behavior and Phylogeny”

Ohio University, Athens, OH, U.S.A.

Andrew Moore

“The Anatomy and Phylogenetic Relationships of Bellusaurus sui and Klamelisaurus gobiensis from the Middle-Late Jurassic Shishugou Formation of Northwest China”

The George Washington University, Washington, DC, U.S.A.

Paulo Pereira

“Early Cretaceous Dinosaur Fauna of Potiguar Basin: Taxonomy, Phylogeny, Paleobiology, Paleoecology”

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Christopher Todd

Chasing the Lost World: The Search for Jurassic Dinosaurs of the Coral Sea and Cape York Peninsula, Australia”

James Cook University, Townsville, Australia