Past Grantees

Spring 2015

Marcos Becerra

“The Ornithopod Diversity at the Late Cretaceous of Central Patagonia: New Fossil Remains at the Bajo Barreal Formation”

CONICET, Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio, Trelew, Chubut, Argentina

Charlotte Brassey

“Forward Dynamic Simulation of Stegosaur Locomotion and Associated Trackways”

The Natural History Museum, London, U.K.

Joseph Frederickson

“Paleoecology of a Cretaceous Ecosystem: Using a Heavy Metal to Reconstruct Trophic Structure in Extinct Organisms”

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, U.S.A.

 L.J. Krumenacker

“Taphonomy and Osteology of Oryctodromeus cubicularis, and Investigation of the Fauna of the Robison Bonebed (Latest Albian to Cenomanian Wayan Formation, Idaho)”

Montana State University, Bozeman, MT, U.S.A.

Akinobu Watanabe

“Disentangling the Drivers of Dinosaur Encephalization: Integrating Changes in Brain Shape Along Developmental and Evolutionary Timelines”

American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY, U.S.A.

Fall 2015

Victoria Arbour

“Understanding the Evolution of Tail Weaponry in Extinct Taxa”

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC, U.S.A.

Jean Goedert

“Preliminary Investigation of Seasonal Patterns Recorded in the Oxygen Isotope Composition of Theropod Dinosaur Tooth Enamel”

Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon, Lyon, France

Brittany L. Malinowski

“Searching for Answers: Suuwassea emilieae from the Late Jurassic Morrison Formation of Carbon County, Montana”

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.

Marcos A. F. Sales

“Seeking Into the Unknown: Prospection of Dinosaurs in Late Cretaceous Beds of Mato Grosso State, Central Brazil”

Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Tzu-Ruei Yang

“Transcontinental Comparison on the Nesting Behavior of Troodontid Dinosaurs”

Bereich Paläontologie des Steinmann Instituts der Universität Bonn, Bonn, Germany