Past Grantees

“The 2004 Jurassic Foundation grant provided support for international travel that was important for my Ph.D. dissertation research. In addition to my thesis, ‘Titanosaur Reproductive Biology: Comparison of the Auca Mahuevo Titanosaur Nesting Locality (Argentina) to the Pinyes Megaloolithus Nesting Locality (Spain),’ this research resulted in four additional publications. The Jurassic Foundation grant provided essential support for my doctoral research at a critical point when access to other funds was very limited.” – Frankie D. Jackson, Ph.D., Montana State University, USA, JF grantee Fall 2004

Fall 2004

Sebastian Apesteguía

“Endemic South American Dinosaurs from “La Bonita” (Early Campanian), Northern Patagonia, Argentina”

Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales “Bernardino Rivadavia,” Buenos Aires, Argentina


Aizek Asanbekovich Bakirov

“Excavation of a Partial Sauropod Skeleton and Other Dinosaurs at the Middle Jurassic Sarkamyshsai Locality, Northern Fergana Valley of Kyrgyzstan”

National Academy of Sciences of Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


Terry Gates

“Taxonomy and Paleoecology of North American Hadrosauridae”

University of Utah and Utah Museum of Natural History, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.


Ursula Göhlich

“A New Theropod from the Upper Jurassic of the Solnhofen Area in Bavaria, Germany”

University of Munich, Munich, Germany


Christopher Heesy and Margaret Hall

“Inferring Binocular Visual Field Overlap in Non-Avian Dinosaurs Based On Extant Diapsid Scaling Models”

New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, Old Westbury, New York, U.S.A.


Frankie Jackson

“Titanosaur Reproductive Biology”

Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.


Mark Loewen

“Hindlimb Ontogeny, Functional Morphology, and Locomotor Function of the Late Jurassic Theropod Dinosaur Allosaurus

University of Utah and Utah Museum of Natural History, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.


Daniel Perea

“Dinosaurs and Other Vertebrates from Tacuarembó Formation (Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous), Uruguay”

Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay


David Rubilar

“Dinosaurs of the Atacama Desert”

Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Santiago, Chile


Spring 2004

Carlos Roberto dos Anjos Candeiro

“Abelisauroidea, Allosauroidea, and Spinosauroidea Teeth from Gondwanan Landmasses”

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Lisa Buckley

“Variation in Tooth Morphology in Theropod Dinosaurs: Documenting Individual and Ontogenetic Variation inCoelophysis bauri Teeth”

South Dakota School of Mines, Rapid City, South Dakota, U.S.A.


Richard Butler

“A Reappraisal of the Phylogeny of the Ornithischia – Museum Work in China”

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K.


Andrew Farke

“Finite Element Modeling of Ceratopsid Dinosaur and Bovid Mammal Horncores”

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York, U.S.A.


Tim Fedak

“The Description and Systematics of the Basal Sauropodomorph Dinosaurs of North America, Including a New Taxon from the Early Jurassic of Nova Scotia”

Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Justin Georgi

“The Semicircular Canals of Dinosaurs: Tracking Major Transitions in Locomotion”

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York, U.S.A.


ReBecca Hunt

“A Ceratopsian Dinosaur from the Javelina Fm. (Maastrichtian), Big Bend National Park, Texas”

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A.


Jacqueline Kozisek

“A Study of Camarasaurus lentus (Dinosauria, Sauropodomorpha) Torso and its Biomechanical Implications”

University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A.


Matthew Lamanna

“The Impact of Epicontinental Seaways on Late Cretaceous Dinosaur Evolution in Southern South America”

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


David Lovelace and Scott Hartman

“CT-Scan of Jurassic Maniraptoran, Morrison Fm., Central Wyoming”

University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming, U.S.A.


Susannah Maidment

“The Stegosaurs of Asia”

University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K.


Jesús Marugán-Lobón

“Theoretical Approximation to the Morphology of the Skull of Theropod Dinosaurs with the Use of Geometric Morphometric Tools”

Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid, Spain


Benjamin Scherzer

“The Taphonomy of the “Sun River Bonebed,” Upper Cretaceous Two Medicine Fm. of Montana”

Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, U.S.A.


Justin Sipla

“The Semicircular Canals of Birds and Pterosaurs: Adaptations to Powered Flight”

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York, U.S.A.


Holly Woodward

“Bone Histology of the Sauropod Dinosaur Alamosaurus sanjuanensis from the Javelina Fm., Big BendNational Park”

Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas, U.S.A.